Summer has finally arrived after a cold rainy spring, and when the heat index rises, I try to avoid using my oven too often. We have a grill on our screened in porch, so no matter what the weather may be, we can use our barbecue in place of the oven. I love roasting bell peppers of mixed colors, but during the summer it makes more sense to grill the peppers on the barbecue rather than roast them in the oven which will heat up the kitchen. If you leave just a little of the char on the peppers, it gives them a subtle smoky flavor that is really delicious. I often have these peppers on hand in my refrigerator so I can add them to marinated olives, sliced cheese, and salumi and have a quick and easy appetizer selection available.

After the peppers are grilled, place them in a plastic bag for about ten minutes, and the skins will easily peel off. After that, all you need to do is slice the peppers into strips, and toss them with some good quality olive oil, salt, peppers, and finely chopped basil or parsley. As well as being an excellent option for an antipasti selection, these peppers are also delicious tossed with hot pasta, used on top of pizza, or along with cured meats in a panini.